Viruses make up some of the most damaging problems computer users face. A bad virus can not only wreck your computer, it can also lead to many even larger problems such as identity theft and stolen bank accounts. There is no reason not to protect yourself as much as possible by keeping your computer virus free. Unfortunately even with the best antivirus software your desktop or laptop may become infected. Do not worry however, Dallas Computer Repair can fix your machine and have it running smoothly again in no time. Some of the signs of a virus include a slow computer, changes in desktop or file icons, inability to get onto the internet or an unexplained change in your browser, such as a new unfamiliar home page. The worst viruses infect your computer without showing any signs, while still doing damage such as recording your passwords. Make an appointment today to get your computer checked out to ensure that you are not a victim of a virus infection.

Dallas Computer Repair can remove any virus, adware, or spyware from your computer!

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